The TAURON Group’s value chain places the client at the core of all its activities. Client behaviours and expectations drive the Group companies’ development. The Group’s mission statement expresses its intention to care for its more than 5.4 million clients.

The Group undertakes to provide energy to its clients according to best practices to grow enterprise value as reflected by its ever more sophisticated range of customised products and services and the Group’s commitment to optimising and improving operations at all levels. Customer loyalty and satisfaction are the best reward for our efforts. That is why we are proud to enjoy the highest scores in the energy sector.

The TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy defines customer focus as one of its two leading directions. In executing our core business we are aware that 21st century clients expect us to be more involved in other areas than business; therefore, we strive to meet their increasing expectations to deserve the title of being a socially responsible business.