Customer needs drive the trends in the development of products and services. For this reason, TAURON regularly examines and analyses their expectations and builds product offers on that basis. Year by year customer awareness is on the rise and clients expect not only an offer containing an attractive energy price but also additional services giving a feeling of security and user freedom.

The best proof is the fact that in the sector of retail clients and small and medium-sized enterprises the Serwisant 24H (24H Serviceman) offer is very popular, combining an attractive electricity price with household and office equipment repair by a serviceman within 24 hours. Earlier, the offer called Prąd z Elektrykiem 24h (24h Electrician) enjoyed similar popularity purchased by more than 460 thousand TAURON clients.

TAURON’s business clients may use special technical products supporting their production activity. For example, the TAURON Kompensacja (TAURON Compensation) offer leading to passive energy uptake reduction by equipment used in a client’s production plant.

For the client, support and advice are also important. Therefore, satisfying those expectations TAURON Sprzedaż delegated dedicated advisers to service business clients, to support them in selecting solutions to make the best energy purchase for their enterprise. Some business and key clients to whom TAURON sells large volumes of energy want to exert an impact on the final purchase price actively. We also meet their expectations – products based on exchange indexes are available to clients, e.g. TAURON Giełda (TAURON Power Pool) and TAURON Giełda Prawa Majątkowe (TAURON Property Right Power Pool).

Our clients more and more frequently expect that the energy they use should originate from renewable sources. The following products respond to these requirements: Prąd z Eko (Eco Electricity) (for retail clients) and TAURON EKO Premium (for business).

Currently, clients may also be prosumers, i.e. not only energy consumers but also a trading partner. This occurs when clients install solar panels and use that energy not just for their own needs but also transmit it to the power grid and the seller is obligated to purchase the surplus energy as the offtaker of last resort. TAURON strives to support clients in such an investment project. TAURON Fotowoltaika (TAURON Solar Park) is an offer for clients who want to generate green energy from the sun. Prosumers may expect advice, project preparation and supply and assembly of a complete solar system consisting of solar panels, construction and the necessary accessories.

In its drive to offer multiple products, since 2014 TAURON has offered natural gas. In July 2014 this offer was addressed to businesses; however, since September 2015 households from across Poland may also purchase gas from TAURON.

TAURON’s current offer is available at



As of November 2015 TAURON customers may use a new sales service –; it supports the conclusion of electricity purchase agreements and additional services. This service was created for retail clients and small and medium-sized enterprises. Using the platform, this group of clients may conclude agreements to purchase new products,

easily switch to the electronic Customer Service Office and source a consultant’s assistance to select an offer by chat. The Promotion Zone was also made available to clients to obtain attractive discounts, buy tickets for cultural and sports events. The offer available at will be constantly expanded by adding more products and services and programmes with TAURON partners.

Vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers

The problem of energy poverty unquestionably exists in Poland and although it is a popular media topic, it is more and more noticeable and more and more often raised by the society. It is confirmed by the opinions of our stakeholders expressed during our dialogue with the environment. They expecting TAURON to be an active participant in combating it.

The fact that we noticed this need in 2012 when our first Sustainability Strategy was devised to create a customer service system for vulnerable consumers confirms that are mindful of these needs. We had great expectations in connection with the regulations announced by the government. Unfortunately, national regulations counteracting energy poverty have not been enacted to date, significantly jeopardising this undertaking.

Despite the absence of national guidelines TAURON tries to meet the expectations of vulnerable consumers by installing pre-paid meters. In accordance with the Energy Law, a client in a household receiving a housing allowance is a vulnerable client. Such a client has the following rights:
a) fixed energy allowance – allowance paid by municipalities,
b) pre-paid meter which the distributor is bound to install within 21 days following receipt of an application.

In 2015, TAURON Dystrybucja installed 1246 pre-paid meters.

TAURON debt collection instructions contemplate individual payment schedules refering mainly to clients in dire straits for whom the municipal social and family aid centres or other aid institutions often act. At the same time, TAURON applies certain exceptions. As a rule, prior to suspension of energy supply clients are advised of the intention to suspend their energy supply with sufficient lead time and they are given time to submit an early request for an instalment plan.

Customer notices are sent:

  • electronically (e-mail, SMS) when we have a telephone number or e-mail address in the billing system,
  • in writing with an additional two-week term to pay their debt.

TAURON also acts in favour of disadvantaged clients in a number of ways through its Group companies. Some measures are highly visible: e.g. brick and mortar Customer Service Points to handle the needs of disabled persons (ramps, waiting rooms) and websites for people with visual impairments. Other measures including training service employees in English to cater to international clients.

Culnerable groups also include seniors who are particularly sensitive to the unfair practices employed by sellers, not just electricity.

That is why in 2015 TAURON continued its national campaign entitled „If you don’t know the sender, don’t open the envelope”. In this campaign it runs lectures for seniors in the biggest spa resorts (Ustroń, Rabka Zdrój, Polanica Zdrój and Duszniki Zdrój) and universities of third age. The very high attendance at training courses confirms the need for these initiatives. During the last two rounds, TAURON polled seniors who state that people in the 55+ group frequently encounter unfair market practices.