In recent years the TAURON Group’s multifaceted approach to customers has been noticeable. Client care no longer signifies just expanding the range of products and services and communication channels but to a growing extent means protecting client data, providing innovative solutions and educating people on new opportunities and imminent threats. This reflects the energy sector’s evolution that until recently had focused solely on reliability of supply.

In 2015 to fulfil its strategic goals TAURON continued a number of initiatives to increase the attractiveness and availability of channels of communication with clients, developing client data management systems, enhancing the quality of services and improving operations during outages.

Some of the Strategy sub-goals have not been achieved, for instance, the creation of a service system for vulnerable consumers.

The TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy was updated in 2015 and contains commitments to customers. In the new strategic period, ethical issues related to customer communication have been given more priority and TAURON will strive to work on them



Goal implemented ptaszek Goal incompletely implemented arrow Goal not implemented cross

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Customer orientation
Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented in 2015
2.1. At least 75% of customers satisfied
with their cooperation with TAURON Group by 2015
ptaszek a) In 2015, 79% of all retail clients declared their satisfaction with cooperation with TAURON (survey results concerning TAURON Obsługa Klienta conducted by TNS Polska, end of 2015). The loyalty score hit a record 84%.

b) TAURON Obsługa Klienta centralised billing systems for mass clients to deliver service to customers wherever they like.

c) TAURON improves complaint handling procedures. In 2015 the average score (WR2) was 2.21, meaning that 2 legitimate complaints were submitted per 10 thousand clients.

2.2 We undertake to ensure the security of customer interests arrow a) TAURON Sprzedaż has been conducting an educational campaign for seniors “If you do not know the sende, don’t open the envelope” to protect the elderly against fraud attempts to extort money by proposing unfavourable electricity agreements.

b) In 2015 TAURON Obsługa Klienta organised a workshop for consumer ombudsmen popularising knowledge about the industry and helping to develop client-friendly solutions.

c) In 2015 no cases of leakage, theft or loss of customer data occurred.

d) No system for vulnerable customer service was created.

2.3. We shall implement educational programmes available to all customers enabling them to use electricity and heat in a more efficient and safer way ptaszek  

a) TAURON Dystrybucja conducted another round of the educational campaign entitled “TAURON Fuses. Switch on for your child’s sake” targeting elementary school pupils to teach them on the safe use of electricity and electrical equipment. In 2015 approximately 71 thousand pupils were trained.

b) For two years TAURON Dystrybucja has also been conducting an educational and information campaign entitled “TAURON Fuses. Switch on at work” for employees of construction and renovation companies.

c) In 2015 TAURON organised the Quality Picnic on smart energy meters to manage energy consumption effectively.

2.4 We improve the quality of electricity and heat supplies through upgrading and expanding the grid ptaszek  

a) Average interruption frequency and duration grew longer due to sever storms and winds Poland encountered in the summer.

b) TAURON received a high client satisfaction score for fixing outages. In 2015 it was 80%, the best result in the energy sector in Poland.

c) A modern power dispatch centre in Gliwice was commissioned to facilitate dispatchers’ work and ensure effective communication in case of threats to grid performance and to support installations powered by renewable energy sources.

2.5 By 2015 customer communication channels will be tailored to the disadvantaged customers’ needs ptaszek  

a) Modernised customer service centres are better adapted to servicing the elderly and disabled – ramps, spacious waiting rooms, queuing systems.

b) The TAURON website also makes it possible to change font size and have website content read aloud for the visually impaired.