We share energy with our clients but also our knowledge and experience. TAURON does its utmost to teach them the ins and outs of the energy market, manage electricity and heat more effectively, care for the environment and their own safety better, while avoiding unfair agreements.

Unfair sellers usually exploit consumers’ lack of knowledge and credulity, particularly, the elderly (see also:“If you don’t know the sender, don’t open the envelope” and “Energy for seniors”). TAURON is compiling ever more information on the unfair practices used by dishonest sellers such as “for my grandson”, “for energy sector employees”, “for ERO representatives”. Many sellers also pretend to be TAURON.

Our hotline has fieldedsome 15 thousand reports on unfair acts of competition.

We attempt to protect our clients by raising awareness of their consumer rights and how to cope with sellers’ unfair practices. The principal target group consists of TAURON’s distribution clients. In 2015 we conducted the following activites:

–TOE and TAURON partnered once again to run this campaign. TAURON received Certified Energy Seller status in conjunction with its efforts.

– dissemination of information on how TAURON cares for client privacy and does not send sales representatives to client homes, uses clear and transparent rules in communication with clients and advises which rules should be observed when entering into commercial agreements. We placed posters in public places, e.g. housing cooperatives communicated this message in regional TV, the radio and press.


for clients in the 55+ group – dedicated measures for seniors consisting in organisation of educational meetings: lectures on the security of commercial agreements, assertiveness workshops, promoting safe behaviours in commercial relations. MichałFajbusiewicz participated in these meetings. 14 meetings were held in 2015 with more than 1.6 thousand participants in the campaign’s fifth and sixth annual drives. TAURON Sprzedażreceived the HETMAN 2015 prize for this initiative from the AKTYWNI plus magazine and the Polish Federation of Associations of Universities of the Third Age.


– the initiator of this initiative launched in 2015 is the Office of Client Rights Ombudsman at TAURON ObsługaKlienta. Its objective is to educate seniors on their rights on the electricity market, rules of electricity market operation, informing them how to avoid being cheated when remotely signing an agreement or signing it off premises. The campaign is organised in cooperation with Consumer Ombudsmen, senior citizen organisations and associations, such as Universities of the Third Age, Senior Councils, Societies of the Retired and Pensioners, Senior Clubs. Cooperation with social partners creates a possibility to reach the biggest possible group of consumers.In 2015, the Office of Client Rights Ombudsman organised four meetings in Będzin, Prudnik, Świdnica and Tarnów, with approximately 450 participants.

The campaigns entitled “If you do not know the sender, don’t open the envelope” and “Select wisely.
Check who sells you energy!” are run under the TAURON Fuses programme divided into several sub-programmes addressed to various groups of consumers. Besides them, TAURON Fuses programme also includes the initiative addressed to children – TAURON Fuses. Switch on for your child’s sake” (and employees ofconstruction and renovation companies – TAURON Fuses. Switch on at work.

An important part of TAURON’s educational activity for

clients includes energy sector workshops and conferences and on how the energy market functions.

Business and institutional clients eagerly use this opportunity to expand their familiarity with the energy sector. Seminars and workshops for local governments are very popular. Regular meetings with local government representatives and employees serve regional development and living comfort as well as the reliability of supply and company infrastructure development. They also provide an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions and identify mutual needs and expectations.


In 2015 TAURON Group companies ran a number of educational meetings with clients:


– regular meetings held once a year.In 2015 the third annual session was heldwith the Group’s biggest customers in attendance under invitation from TAURON Dystrybucja and TAURON Sprzedaż. These meetings afford an opportunity to present industry topics, the energy market and the Group’s activities andhold face-to-fact talksand identify mutual expectations of cooperation.More than 180 clients attended the third annual workshop.

– educational project for its most active stakeholders. TAURON Ciepło trains, free of charge, representatives of housing cooperatives, housing communities, design offices and local government representatives. In 2015 two conferences for clients and local government representatives were held (120 persons in total), to enhance their familiarity with heating products. A part of the conference was devoted to educational workshops to devise common solutions for effective communication with end-users,staff management and change management for teams. Training on public speaking was held for clients: real estate administrators and local government representatives to expandtheir familiarity with energy and the heat sector. Experts from TAURON Ciepłoand external experts as well as scholars from AGH University took part.

– TAURON Dystrybucja, in cooperation with universities and trade organisations holds meetings providing a platform for discussion, practical knowledge and theory and presentation of innovative solutions.So far, it has held this picnic twice. In 2015, smart energy meters were the main topic. The event’s objective is for TAURON Dystrybucjato play an active role in blazing the path taken by the energy sector, launching new solutions, innovations, supporting the scientific environment and educating a new generation of professionals. The picnic is also an excellent opportunity to establish closer relations with clients and business partners, in particular, with producers, experts, scientists, trade institutions and organisations to cultivate the energy sector’s legal status.

– for local government representatives – heads of municipalities, mayors of cities with offices located where TAURON Dystrybucja operates. In 2015 the following activities took place:

  1. 10th National Conference entitled “Lighting roads and public places”- organised by the Polish Society of Energy Transmission and Distribution. TAURON Dystrybucja was the partner for this event.
  2. Forum of heads of municipalities, mayors in Małopolska – TAURON Dystrybucja supplied the keynote speakers.
  3. Seminar for the Bochnia District entitled “Conditions of generation and sales of energy from renewable energy sources. Funds allocated to support RES installations envisaged in 2014-2020” – TAURON Dystrybucja participated.
  4. The Energy Conference of Local Governments in Jelenia Góra and Legnica.
  5. Third Energy Congress in Opole – “The European Week of Sustainable Energy”.