The TAURON Group strives to enhance its customer service processes and activities according to the adage that if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward. In line with our sustainable development motto “Our energy – your security” we attach great importance to the security of client data. TAURON did not experience any loss of client data thanks to its legacy and improved systems and procedures.

These are not mere slogans and this is evidenced by the Certificate of Consumer Service Quality awarded to TAURON in 2015. At the same time, TAURON Obsługa Klienta is the first energy company in Poland to receive this distinction. It is conferred by the Consumer Federation to organisations that score well on the legal and consumer audit. The audit’s objective is to check whether the practices used by TAURON Obsługa Klienta are customer-friendly and comply with consumer law. The Consumer Service Quality Certificate confirms the continuous improvement in the quality of services provided by TAURON Obsługa Klienta and its drive to craft collective client-focused solutions. The audit was implemented in two stages: managers of the Customer Service Centre and Contact Centre participated in the first stage while all Customer Service Points and Customer Service Call Centres participated in the second stage. All participants received a high score.


The e-FAKTURA service was introduced for clients withdistribution services agreements in Axx, Bxx and C2x tariffs as a method for direct and earlier delivery of invoices issued by TAURON Dystrybucja for the services provided. The platform, operated by the GreenPost company, ensures secure access to transmitted information and safe storage (archiving) of electronic documents for the entire term required by law.

Moreover, invoices are signed with a secure electronic signature verified using a valid qualified certificate to ensureinvoice authenticity and integrity according to law. The e-FAKTURA service was launched in 2014 inthe Lower Silesia and Opole Regions; in 2015 this service was extended to the MałopolskaRegion and part of the Silesian Region.


Customer feedback

Customers are the best and most valuable source of information to assess customer satisfaction with TAURON’s service. We conduct separate surveys for various client groups: retail clients, business clients and small and medium-sized enterprises. Our satisfaction scores are consistently high. TAURON’s customer service has higher satisfaction scores than in competing utilities.

In 2015 TNS Polska conducted the customer service survey for TAURON ObsługaKlienta


[%] 2014 2015
Satisfied customers with TAURON 76% – retail clients
72% – SMEs
72% – business clients
79% – retail clients
70% – SMEs
75% – business clients
Satisfied customers with service 81% – retail clients
76% – SMEs
81% – business clients
80% – retail clients
76% – SMEs
83% – business clients


Retail clients


YearSatisfaction indexLoyalty index
Retail clients


Since we appreciateour clients’ opinioins, we strive to engage them in dialogue and listen to their expectations. We acted in a similar way when devising this Sustainability Report. 3984 persons participated in this electronic questionnaire. Customers were asked to indicate the most important subjects to be described in the Report and to assess the TAURON Group’s operations as a socially responsible business. On a five-point scale, over 65% of the respondents gave us at least a 4.

More on our client dialogue may be read here.



Complaints are also an excellent source of information on the quality of service. By handling complaints effectivelywe strive to augment client satisfaction because satisfied clients are our best ambassadors.

Complaints may be submitted by traditional mail, e-mail, telephone, website forms or through oureBOK. They are subsequently registered in the SOD/ZEFIR system.



Each complaint is analysedto identify the causes and origins of non-compliance. Irregularities are reported to business process owners. Business process owners take remedial measures to address irregularities, examine complaints ad hoc and providea response. The final outcome entails taking preventive measures to eliminate similar irregularities in the future. We produce Diagnosis Sheets covering the causes of complaints in the analysed cases, the actions taken and preventive measures and verifythem regularly to monitor possible recurrence.

By following consistent complaint handling rules TAURON provides for the reliable and timely examination of complaints and defines the rules of cooperation between the Complaint Centre and business processes owners.


Complaint management products in 2015




Constant work to improve complaint service is effective. In 2015 the average(WR2)scrorewas 2.21, meaning that 2 legitimate complaints fell to 10 thousand clients.


TAURON ObsługaKlientahas been running this programme since 2013 with the Office of the Client Rights Ombudsman as a workshop for customer service employees of the following companies: TAURON ObsługaKlienta, TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON DystrybucjaPomiary, TAURON DystrybucjaSerwis and TAURON Sprzedaż. The agenda is based on complaint-related case studies. Workshops use methods to activate participants andare “tailor made” to stakeholder needs, i.e.clients and employees.

To that end, real complaints analysed by the Office of the Client Rights Ombudsman form the starting point. Training materials are prepared on that basis. Employees involved in a given service process are invited to participate. During workshops the participants consider solutions and making improvements in customer service processes. The workshops provide an opportunity to consider which practices should be continued, stopped and commenced. In 2015 we finished the second round and ran the third round with approximately 80 participants.