Employee commitment affects not just financial and business results but also organisational culture. Therefore, developing proactive attitudes at work, based on common values, is so important.

The TAURON Groupregognises Openness, Responsibility, Professionalism and Cohesion as the key values described in the TAURON Group’s Business Code updated in 2015. Driven by these values employees contribute to building and developing a reliable and modern organisation while adhering to the Group’smission and vision.

All employees are well-versed with these values becausethey are required to review the Group’s Code of Ethicsand confirmthis by tendering the corresponding declaration. The Code of Ethics is also included in the inception information package for newly recruited employees. The Group’s intranet has a page on ethics enabling employees to refer to this code at any time.

This site also displays the proceduresto follow in case of any infringements.

In 2016 – in connection with the publication of the TAURON Group’s updated Corporate Strategy and the adoption of its new business model – corporate values have been changed. At the same time, the Group has formedaCompliance Office whose first task will be to devise the TAURON Group’s new Business Code consistent with its new Business Strategy and Sustainability Strategy based on the new values. Accordingly,next yearthe TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy will present new values and a modified approach to ethics.


In 2015, TAURON Dystrybucjawrote a manual called “Values in action” for all the employees of TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON DystrybucjaSerwis and TAURON DystrybucjaPomiary. This manual was written using questionnaires examining how the organisation perceives values and the material collected after the workshop on “Values in processes” conducted during the Second Management Summit in TAURON Dystrybucja.

Its aim is to support the process of instilling a consistent organisational culture in the distribution business and to assist employees in developing common behaviour standards in their business duties. This project was suspended in 2016 because the TAURON Group modified its values.


A number of other factors, including internal communication, also have an impact on employee commitment. The TAURON Groupemploys many communication channels fitted tothe specific nature of each company’s operations. Tauronet is its most important tool. It is one of the biggest corporate intranet systems in Poland. 16.5 thousand employees in 270 locations across the Group have constant access. We report news from individual companies, publish intra-corporate regulations and host platforms for various hobbies (e.g. a Reader’s Club), The Group’s telephone directory, employee competitions and an information board are also available there. Tauronet supports team work by creating working group websites for their members to upload materials of various size and work on files in unison. Tauronet’s functionality has been recognised internationally– in 2015 TAURON’s intranet was regarded as one of the top ten intranet systems worldwide in the ranking published by the Nielsen Norman Group.

Employees who do not have a company computer (e.g. underground miners, field distribution services)have access to important information and announcements on information boards an in leaflets, brochures and posters. Moreover, TAURON Wydobycie, TAURON Wytwarzanie, TAURON Ciepło, TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON Ekoenergia, TAURON ObsługaKlientapublish their own internal magazines called “Nasze Forum” (”Our Forum”), containing the most importantcompany-specific information.

In 2015 the TAURON Group published a magazine called “PolskaEnergia” (”Polish Energy”) reporting on the significant events taking place in the Group and its sales offer. It also published energy and gas prices as well as materials on the national and global energy sector. Though the magazine is mainly addressed to the TAURON Group’s clients, many copies are distributed toGroup companies.

In addition to the group-wide tools, companies have developed their own communication channels and tools facilitating work and communication among co-workers. Direct meetings of employees in divisions or entire companies provide an excellent opportunity for strengthening internal competition. Once a year, TAURON Dystrybucja organises “Open Days” during which employees meet with the management board across the company’s various branches.



To obtain feedback concerning the quality of their internal communication, some Group companiesperform communication audits.


In 2015 the third internal communication audit was performed in TAURON Dystrybucja. It consisted of two parts: a survey and in-depth interviews. All employees of TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON DystrybucjaSerwis and TAURONDystrybucjaPomiary took part in the survey. This questionnaire is prepared in an on-line version and a printed version for employees without access to corporate e-mail. In-depth interviews were conducted with 50 employees representing a cross-section of business units. The survey is anonymous and its results are presented in the form of collective reports.

The audit concerned issues such as managerial communication between supervisorsand their employees, operational communication –employee cooperation, sources of information acquisition, level of identification with the company; in addition, the communication tools used in the company were assessed. The survey results are communicated to all employees. After the survey, campaign plans are developed, whose effects are verified in the subsequent audit.Post-audit measures information flow in the company and is gradually growing year-on-year.


Satisfaction surveys are the best way to measure employeejob satisfaction. TAURON must still improve a lot. In 2015 only one company (TAURON Ciepło) surveyedthe social climate in the following areas: personnel policy, management and internal communication. Other Group companiesdid not survey employee satisfaction; however, the new HR Policy calls for theEmployee Opinion and Satisfaction Survey to be implemented by all Group companies in the near future.