A healthy mind
in a healthy body

In this era of the society’s ever greater computerisation with people spending many hours a day in front of a computer or TV, combined with incessantly being in a rush, promoting health and a healthy lifestyle is gaining credence nationally and globally.

Employee well-being and their healthy and active lifestyle are precious in and of themselves but they also benefit employers by reducing absenteeism, raising employee motivation and productivity and making the atmosphere at work more positive.

The TAURON Group endorses this trend by offering private medical care packages to our employees on a promotional basis and encouraging them to engage in prevention and do regular checkups.



In 2015 TAURON Obsługa Klienta ran a Health initiative to encourage employees to follow a healthy lifestyle. Six health lectures were delivered by qualified medical professionals. Employees could also take blood tests.

We published an article on interpreting test results in Nasze Forum. We also distributed a newsletter called “In the land of sound” to proliferate relaxation methods. As it enjoyed significant staff interest this activity will be continued in 2016.



A healthy lifestyle is inherently associated with physical activity. TAURON strongly promotes sports, nationally and locally with strong employee participation. In 2015 TAURON was the main sponsor of Tour de Pologne for amateurs with a separate category for power sector experts and the TAURON Lang Team Race for cycling fans. Moreover, Group employees represented TAURON in the summer and winter Capital Market Games and in the Polish Championships of Energy Experts in various disciplines (tennis, sailing and pool to name a few). In the winter energy experts competed in an Alpine skiing event called the Championships of Poland organised by TAURON.



This competition was run on the Group’s intranet to promote employee lifestyles and passions. Group employees who are cycling fans shared their own routes.

Subsequently, employees voted on the best proposals presenting 40 route ideas with a total length of 1,665 km. This initiative generated considerable interest with nearly 2,800 votes cast during a week.



We combine actively spending leisure time with employee integration in line with what the Energetic Association has done successfully for years. Its members are employees of TAURON Ekoenergia. This association’s activities are addressed to company employees, family members and friends. Every year various excursions are organised in the form of family-friendly tourism, simultaneously promoting renewable energy sources whereby many persons actively spend their leisure time. In addition, in 2015 this association organised five presentations on ecology in schools in Lower Silesia. Approximately, 500 persons participated. Currently, 36 company employees are members of the association.