The TAURON Groupintroduced a comprehensive HR Policy in 2015

It employs processes and tools such asthe Competence Model, Recruitment, Selection and Adaptation, Cooperation with Schools, Universities and a Programme of Internships and Placements. Pursuant to this document, Employee Assessment, Development and Career Management, Talent Management, Succession Management, Knowledge Management Programmes, Job Descriptions and EmployeeOpinion Polls and Satisfaction Surveys have also been introduced.

Group companiesintroduced uniform Collective Labour Agreements employing modern market systems to support staff management. The type and scope of provisions in each document is tailored to the specific character of a given company’s activities.

In the TAURON Group, 90% of all employees are covered by collective agreements.

In 2015 the TAURON Group updated its Code of Business Ethics, it re-formulated its values instilling a stronger link with its Sustainability Strategy and stronger focus on diversity management.

This revised Code also represents an ideal statement of the challenges laid down by the updated TAURON Group Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018 in workplace management.This stems from developing an ethical culture and creating equal opportunities being included on the list of TAURON’s priorities in upcoming years.




Goal implemented ptaszek Goal incompletely implemented arrow Goal not implemented cross

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Engaging the workforce in organisational growth

Goal in 2015 Progress Activities in 2015
3.1. Do 2015 r. wszyscy pracownicy Grupy TAURON będą świadomi, w jaki sposób mogą angażować się w realizację celów biznesowych, pozostając w zgodzie z wartościami etycznymi organizacji ptaszek a) All TAURON Group employees read the TAURON Group’s Code of Business Ethics.

b) The TAURON Group’s Code of Business Ethics was updated to include diversity and create a closer link to the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy.

c) Introducing mandatory e-learning training courses on „Ethics at Work” in TAURON Dystrybucja, TAURON DystrybucjaSerwis and TAURON DystrybucjaPomiary.

3.2 Each of our employees will be able to raise his or her professional qualifications and improve
skills in line with the TAURON Group’s expansion

a) Each employee – irrespective of position– has development opportunities. In 2015, TAURON Group employees took part in 15 hours of training per employee on average.

b) TAURON ran development programmes for its employeessuch asthe “Talent Management Programme” and the “Leadership Academy”andintroductory training courses for new employees.

c) Group companies offered employee benefits to upgrade professional qualifications through postgraduate studies or complementary courses.

d) TAURON Group Open University continued to operate as a series of lectures delivered by distinguished experts in various disciplines of science, politics, business, culture and personal development TAURON Group company employees.

3.3. Zapewnimy pracownikom warunki do dzielenia się wiedzą i doświadczeniami, by doskonalić efektywność operacyjną organizacji ptaszek c) In 2015, the TAURON New Trends competition was conducted, promoting innovative sales ideas proposed by Group employees.

b) Tauronetlaunched new functionalities and tools to facilitate team work and communication inside the Group.

c) Companies conducted employee refresher programmes and knowledge management programmes, e.g. Internal Trainer Academy.

3.4 We undertake to seek and implement innovative
solutions to ensure occupational safety for all our staff
ptaszek a) Group companies (TAURON Wytwarzanie, TAURON Wydobycie) organised internal health and safety competitions to foster work in compliance with regulations and develop a safety culture.

b) TAURON Wydobycie launched the programme “Stop tolerance for unjustified risk”to preventwork accidents caused by human error.