TAURON has been involved in public life for years, supporting numerous initiatives - mainly those of a sports and cultural character. Sponsoring is an element of our market strategy since it is directly associated with the sales of products and building brand recognition.

At the same time, through various types of initiatives and marketing, promotional and PR actions, it makes the company an important partner in social life (more on social actions of the TAURON Group).

In TAURON, we endeavour to be present wherever events of importance to our clients take place. Therefore, it is encouraging that in 2015 over 54% of all Poles were aware of the TAURON brand (results of the survey conducted by TNS Polska on a representative, national sample of 1,000 persons aged 15+).

It is the best result in the energy sector and much better than the outcome obtained a year ago. Building brand awareness is a lengthy process requiring good planning; however, the results of the TNS Polska market recognition survey confirm the effectiveness of the measures undertaken by the TAURON Group.

TAURON brand recognition over time (households)


YearTAURON brand recognition over time (households)

In 2015, TAURON conducted sponsoring activity based on the applicable “Rules of conducting sponsoring activity in the TAURON Polska Energia Group”, the “Research methodology for the selection, planning, analysing and reporting of sponsoring activity effectiveness”, the guidelines on the “TAURON Brand Strategy” and the “Plan of conducting sponsoring activity in the TAURON Group in 2015”, adopted by the Management Board and positively evaluated by the Supervisory Board.

The main objective of these projects was to support commercial activity and increase and consolidate the knowledge and extent of the TAURON brand’s impact. In keeping with the large number of customers, the scope of TAURON’s sponsoring initiatives is extensive and consists of numerous socially important areas, while simultaneously reflecting diverse interests.

In 2015, within the sponsoring activity conducted by TAURON Polska Energia and TAURON Sprzedaż, TAURON supported the following initiatives:


1 – Polish Olympic Committee
2 – Jack Strong (settlement after termination of the agreement)
3 – Polish Basketball League
4 – Wrocław Opera
5 – Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
6 – TAURON MKS Dabrowa Górnicza
7 – TAURON Bachleda Ski
8 – Tour de Pologne
9 – Tour de Pologne of Amateurs
10 – TAURON New Music
11 – AZS Częstochowa
12 – STU Theatre

13 – TAURON Arena Kraków
14 – Puella Orantes
15 – Vive TAURON Kielce
16 – New Year’s Eve with Polsat
17 – Mini FIBA Europe Cup
18 – Film Music Festival
19 – Silesia Theatre
20 – M. Łopatka tournament
21 – Festival of Energy
22 – Life Festival Oświęcim
23 – TAURON Lang Team Race
24 – Polish Championships of road cycling

The effectiveness of each sponsoring project is assessed through opinion surveys, measuring the size and value of brand exposure in media and measuring the achievement of sales targets.


As a result of promotion effectiveness, an independent research entity evaluated an advertising equivalent in relation to sponsoring measures ended in 2015.

Comparing the summarised value obtained in this manner to the sum of all expenditures arising from sponsoring agreements, a ROI ratio of approximately 9.2 was obtained. This means that each zloty spent for sponsoring purposes generated promotional benefits to the TAURON Group of approximately PLN 9.20. The following projects achieved the best results: TAURON Basket Liga, Vive TAURON Kielce, Tour de Pologne, TAURON Arena Kraków, TAURON MKS Dąbrowa Górnicza and TAURON Basket Liga Kobiet.

The high position the TAURON brand enjoys confirms the financial effectiveness of sponsoring projects as reflected by the following independent research report entitled Sponsoring Monitor 2015, which is the only source of this type of information on the Polish market. According to this report, TAURON is ranked seventh in the TOP 10 list of sponsors and is the most active sponsor in the energy sector.


For seven years TAURON has been the sponsor of this legendary cycling race around Poland that is becoming more important every year. For over two weeks the top 100+ competitors from all over the world cover hundreds of kilometres of Polish roads. The most difficult stages of the competition take place in the mountains. TAURON, as the only distribution company holding grids in mountain areas, strongly identifies with this region. Every year professional cyclists compete for the title of Best Highlander in the TAURON brand’s colours. The Company is also the main sponsor of Tour de Pologne of Amateurs held in Bukowina Tatrzańska. In 2015 a record number of 1800 amateur cyclists registered to participate in this race.

2015 Tour de Pologne  highlights

  • 7 km – advertising banners
  • 14 cities – start and finish of individual stages
  • 15 km – electrical wires
  • 22 – lorries of stage design
  • 50 – vehicles in an advertising column
  • 300 – persons in technical and organisational staff
  • 350 – persons in the Organising Committee in stage cities
  • 400 – persons in sports teams
  • 400 km – tape securing the race route
  • 400 – cities and locations crossed by the race
  • 420 – vehicles in the race column
  • 700 kg – spaghetti consumed by cyclists during the race
  • 770 – bicycle tyres prepared for each stage
  • 1200 – persons moving daily with the race
  • 14,000 – sports water bottles used during the race
  • 21,000 – persons taking part in securing of the whole race route
  • 30,000 m2 – a mobile Tour de Pologne city (stage design, presentations of competitors and sponsors, animation, accompanying events, concerts and parades, two mobile Movico offices)
  • 3,000,000 – audience along the race route