Summary of the
Sustainability Strategy

The TAURON Group’s first strategy in a non-business area was adopted in December 2012 and was in force until the end of 2015. The document was designed in such a manner as to support and supplement business goals defined in the corporate strategy, while taking into consideration key sustainability areas, i.e. society, natural environment and economy.

The Strategy is based on five directions – two leading directions (ensuring energy safety and client orientation) as well as three supporting directions (employee involvement in organisation development, environmental protection in the value chain and management of economic and social impacts).



Within each direction, strategic goals were specified (20 in total) whose implementation status was monitored on an on-going basis and reported annually in the Sustainability Report.

Implementation of strategic goals


Implementation of strategic goals
end of H1 2014 70%
end of 2014 90%
31 December 201595%


Ultimately, it was possible to accomplish 95% of the goals adopted in 2012. The assumptions that were not fully implemented include the following goals: “We undertake to ensure the security of customer interest” and “We will actively manage the TAURON Group subsidiaries’ operations in order to minimise their environmental impact, using the best standards and environmental management systems”.

With respect to the first goal, the sub-goal concerning the “Introduction of a vulnerable customer service system” was not accomplished. In this case, the lack of national regulations (announced in 2012) turned out to be the key issue, preventing TAURON from undertaking suitable measures. The topic of vulnerable customers is consistently monitored by TAURON Obsługa Klienta and upon publication of legislation in this scope, the launch of adequate solutions is planned.

The second assumption that was not implemented pertained to environment protection throughout the value chain. Contrary to the original assumptions, until the end of 2015 the Coordinator of the TAURON Group for environment had not been appointed forming a significant step in streamlining environmental management. This person is still planned to be appointed under the updated Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018.

A detailed summary of each of the strategic goals is contained in the table.



Complete implementation of the goal ptaszek Incomplete implementation of the goal arrow Goal not implemented cross

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Ensuring energy supply safety
Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented under accomplishment of the goal
1.1. We undertake to provide access to electricity and heat for our customers using diversified generation capacity, including RES ptaszek  

a) Construction of the coal-fired unit with 910 MW capacity at Elektrownia Jaworzno III. The investment project to demonstrate the stability of the National Power System (KSE) was launched in 2014. Completion of the construction is scheduled in 2019.

b) Extension of generation capacity based on wind. As a result of investment carried out since 2013 TAURON’s capacity installed in wind farms increased by over 140 MW.

c) Within diversification of generation capacity, in 2015 TAURON concluded an agreement on the purchase of shares in PGE EJ1 – the company responsible for the construction and operation of the first nuclear power plant in Poland, with a capacity of approximately 3,000 MW.

1.2. We are improving energy efficiency of the electricity and heat supply process ptaszek  

a) In 2013-2015 the capital expenditure of TAURON Dystrybucja for the construction of new connections as well as modernisation and replacement of existing infrastructure exceeded PLN 4.5 billion.

b) Losses of electricity distribution successively fall, year by year. In 2015 they decreased for the first time to below 5% (4.91%).

c) TAURON Dystrybucja conducts an extensive project concerning installation of smart metering on customers’ premises. Ultimately, 330 thousand customers will have new metering by 2017.

c) TAURON built modern power dispatch centres (Gliwice, Kraków) and heating network dispatch centres (Katowice) enabling on-going monitoring of the grid and immediate response in case of outages.

d) The „single distribution” project was carried out to establish a single organisation to satisfy the requirements of customers and prosumers.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Customer orientation
Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented under accomplishment of the goal
2.1. At least 75% of customers satisfied
with their cooperation with TAURON Group by 2015
ptaszek a) In customer satisfaction surveys conducted on an annual basis, satisfaction scores on services grew steadily. In 2015, 79% of individual clients were satisfied with their cooperation with TAURON (results of the survey of TAURON Obsługa Klienta conducted by TNS Polska, end of 2015). In 2013 it was 73%.

b) Centralisation of billing systems for mass clients was completed. Accordingly, customers may receive service in any customer service centre.

c) TAURON Obsługa Klienta launched an electronic customer service office (e-BOK) for individual clients and small and medium-sized companies, available 24/7.

d) All TAURON Group employees dealing with customer service were trained on customer service standards.

2.2 We undertake to ensure the security of customer interests arrow  

a) For years TAURON Sprzedaż has been conducting an educational campaign for seniors entitled “If you do not know, do not open”. Its aim is to protect the elderly against fraud extorting money, proposing, inter alia, unfavourable agreements for electricity supply.

b) TAURON Obsługa Klienta is an organiser of regular workshops for consumer ombudsmen popularising knowledge about the industry and helping to develop solutions conducive to the client.

c) In 2013, 2014 and 2015 no cases of leakage, theft or loss of customer data were recorded.

d) Goals that have not been accomplished include the failure to implement a customer service system for vulnerable consumers and implementation of a model of cooperation with MOPS.

2.3. We shall implement educational programmes available to all customers enabling them to use electricity and heat in a more efficient and safer way ptaszek  

a) Since 2013 TAURON Dystrybucja has been conducting an educational campaign “TAURON Fuses. Switch on for your child’s sake” addressed to elementary school pupils, its main goal is the safe use of electricity and equipment it runs. Just in 2015, approximately 71 thousand pupils were trained.

b) In 2014 we conducted an educational programme for customers and inhabitants of Katowice, Chorzów, Siemianowice Śl. “Warm water – reliably and safely”. In this programme, conferences for customers and a number of meetings for inhabitants were organised to present the possibilities and benefits from using system heat for hot water heating.

c) Since 2014 TAURON Dystrybucja has also been conducting an educational campaign “TAURON Fuses. Switch on at work”. It targets employees in construction and renovation companies.

d) In 2014 TAURON conducted an educational campaign on energy saving, during which customers were educated on methods of rational electricity consumption.

2.4 We improve the quality of electricity and heat supplies through upgrading and expanding the grid ptaszek  

a) As a result of renovations and retrofitting of infrastructure, TAURON Dystrybucja reduced the frequency of interruptions in energy supplies (by 0.4) and their average duration (by over 50 minutes) in relation to 2012.

b) TAURON also achieves high client satisfaction scores in fixing failures and outages. In 2015 it reached 80%. This is the best result in the energy sector in Poland.

c) Since 2013 a new customer’s waiting time for connection to the power grid across TAURON has fallen.

d) TAURON Dystrybucja constructed a modern dispatch centre in Gliwice to facilitate the work of dispatchers and ensure effective communication in case of disruptions in grid performance as well as to support installations of renewable energy sources

2.5 By 2015 customer communication channels will be tailored to the disadvantaged customers’ needs ptaszek  

a) Modernised customer service centres have been better adapted to servicing the elderly and the disabled – ramps, spacious waiting rooms, queuing systems.

b) The TAURON website also offers an option to adjust font size and to read out loud the website for the visually impaired.

c) Employees of TAURON Obsługa Klienta attend English classes to serve foreign language speaking customers.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Engaging the workforce in organisation development

Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented under accomplishment of the goal
3.1. By 2015 all TAURON Group’s personnel will be aware of how they can engage in the accomplishment of business goals, while adhering to the organisation’s ethical values ptaszek a) All TAURON Group employees reviewed the text of the TAURON Group’s Code of Business Ethics.

b) In 2015 the TAURON Group’s Code of Business Ethics was updated by amending it to include issues related to diversity and link it more closely with the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy.

c) An Ethical Commission operates in each TAURON Group company.

d) On Tauronet – the TAURON Group’s intranet portal, there is a special section devoted to ethics and the Code of Ethics.

3.2. Each of our employees will be able to raise professional qualifications and improve
competence in line with the TAURON Group’s expansion directions
ptaszek a) Each employee – irrespective of his or her position – has development opportunities. In 2015, on average, 15 training hours were allocated for each employee in the TAURON Group.

b) TAURON conducts development programmes for its employees, including the “Talent Management Programme” and the “Leadership Academy”, as well as training courses for new employees facilitating adaptation to the new workplace.

c) Group Companies – to fill the generation gap – cooperate with universities and schools with adequate professional profiles. Training and internship programmes take place in companies.

d) In 2014 the TAURON Group’s Open University was launched – a number of lectures delivered by the most distinguished experts specialising in various disciplines of science, politics, business, culture and personal development to employees in TAURON Group companies.

3.3. We will provide employees with conditions for sharing knowledge and experience to improve the operational efficiency of the organisation ptaszek a) The intranet portal has become a platform to gather and exchange knowledge in the organisation.

b) Group Companies implement programmes for internal trainers’ education and mentoring, as well as employee re-freshener training projects and programmes aimed at knowledge management in the organisation, e.g. the “Academy of Internal Trainers”.

c) In 2015, the TAURON New Trends competition was held to promote innovative ideas among Group employees to foster sales.

3.4. We undertake to seek and implement innovative solutions that ensure occupational safety for all our personnel ptaszek a) Year by year we increase occupational safety standards to reduce the number of work accidents. The number of accidents in the TAURON Group decreased by 20% in relation to 2013.

b) Mine rescuers of TAURON Wydobycie achieve successes in international competitions (inter alia, a gold medal at the World Championships in 2014).

c) In Group companies (TAURON Wytwarzanie, TAURON Wydobycie) internal H&S competitions are organised to promote working in compliance with the regulations and development of safety culture.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Environmental protection throughout the value chain
Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented under accomplishment of the goal
4.1. By 2020 at least 10% of installed capacity will come from renewable energy sources arrow a) In 2015 net production of electricity amounted to 16.6 TWh, including 1.59 TWh from renewable sources (9.6% of the total electricity produced, i.e. almost 15% more than in 2013).

b) The TAURON Group has 35 hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 143 MW and 4 wind farms with a capacity of 201 MW.

c) The TAURON Group has 20 biomass co-burning units and three dedicated biomass-fired units.

4.2. We will reduce the air pollution level by investing in modern technologies and retrofitting the existing generation units, as well as increasing production efficiency ptaszek  

a) TAURON adjusts the generation fleet held to high environmental requirements in the scope of SO2, NOx and particulate matter emission.

b) The unit in Jaworzno, currently under construction, will have a net efficiency of 46%.

c) In 2014 in the TAURON Group SO2 emissions were reduced by 27%, NOx – by over 30%, and particulate matter – by almost 40% in relation to 2013.

d) TAURON conducts pioneer research projects on carbon dioxide and mercury emission abatement.

e) Construction of a power unit at ZEC Bielsko-Biała, the second unit in Poland with a heat accumulator.

4.3. We will be actively managing TAURON Group subsidiaries’ operations in order to minimise their environmental impact, using the best standards and environmental management systems arrow  

a) TAURON Wytwarzanie plants maintained their certification under the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

b) In individual companies Environmental Protection Departments operate and supervise the company’s environmental impact and implement measures to mitigate the impact, internal audits are performed, to assess compliance with the regulatory requirements (inter alia, TAURON Ciepło).

c) Environmental projects are carried out by several Group companies to optimise activities and maximise the use of capacity, e.g. Grey2Green project, in which TAURON Wydobycie, TAURON Wytwarzanie and TAURON Ciepło participate.

4.4. Developing, by 2020, the economic potential capable of utilizing 90% of own waste by the mining and generation segments ptaszek a) In TAURON Wydobycie installations for processing of waste – coal sludge and waste rock – into useful products, inter alia, for road construction or hardening of flood embankments, were constructed.

b) TAURON Group companies (TAURON Wydobycie, TAURON Wytwarzanie and TAURON Ciepło) carry out the Grey2Green project based on common management of waste generated by Group companies and generation of the maximum possible amount of disposable products based on waste.

c) In 2015, 94% of waste in mining and generation was managed.

d) Since 2011 TAURON Wydobycie has produced 1,708 thousand tonnes of aggregate used in road construction, reclamation of municipal waste disposal site and construction of flood embankments.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Managing social and economic impact on stakeholders

Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented under accomplishment of the goal
5.1. We will engage stakeholders in joint activities aimed at enhancing TAURON Group’s positive social
and economic impact
ptaszek a) TAURON Group companies and the TAURON Foundation carry out numerous environmental projects – Houses of Positive Energy, TAURON fuses, cooperation with GOPR (Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service), project: TAURON sports partner of Paralympic athletes.

b) TAURON Group companies run local initiatives and projects targeting local communities, e.g. supporting local schools, kindergartens, orphanages and support local sports clubs and cultural initiatives.

c) Through the “Everyday Heroes” campaign conducted with DKMS Polska, the number of potential bone marrow donors rose by almost 3800 persons.

5.2 We ensure transparency of pro-social activities by compiling the rules of their performance and evaluating effectiveness ptaszek a) In 2013-2015 the TAURON Foundation provided financial support (including donations) exceeding PLN 7.5 million.

b) The TAURON website for the environment and the TAURON Foundation include a description and the main assumptions of these activities.

c) We report our social activities in the Sustainability Report published annually.

5.3 We will cooperate with suppliers and contractors based on transparent rules, taking into account social and environmental criteria as well as human rights ptaszek a) Centralisation of procurement processes was completed.

b) The TAURON Group procurement platform was developed. In 2015 the number of contractors registered on the platform exceeded 17 thousand with 4.5 thousand proceedings (worth more than EUR 14 thousand) conducted.

c) Supplier selection criteria were defined. TAURON’s classification system takes into account social and environmental criteria.

d) Procedures on auditing key suppliers were introduced.

5.4 We will expand partnership relationships with academic centres aimed at advancing energy technologies and educating future personnel ptaszek a) TAURON conducts innovative research and development projects. As the first company in Poland we invest in research on carbon capture and storage (CCS technology) in two mobile installations.

b) TAURON partners with various research organisations in Poland and internationally, inter alia, KIC InnoEnergy.

c) Group companies acquire co-financing from EU funds and from the National Research and Development Centre for research projects.

c) The TAURON Group concludes framework agreements with universities (including technical universities) to open new opportunities for research and development cooperation.

d) TAURON is a party to a cooperation agreement signed among the largest electric utilities for joint R&D projects.

5.5. We will regularly communicate results of our engagement in non-financial issues to our top groups of stakeholders ptaszek a) Four TAURON Group Sustainability Reports have been published.

b) When preparing the Sustainability Report TAURON engages in extensive dialogue with the environment – in 2015 over 5 thousand clients and employees filled in the online questionnaire.

c) Since 2012 TAURON is included in the list of companies operating in accordance with social responsibility standards – known as the RESPECT Index, improving its result in the ranking year by year.

d) TAURON occupies a high position in the ranking of socially responsible companies (Ranking of Responsible Companies, CSR Leaves of Polityka) and receives distinctions in the non-business area (Golden Six INN:CSR, publications in the Responsible Businesses Forum report)


New Sustainability Strategy

In connection with the expiry of the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy (at the end of 2015), as well as in view of the Group’s updated Corporate Strategy in 2014 and identification of new challenges to be faced by the Polish energy sector, a new document defining sustainable development and corporate social responsibility guidelines for the TAURON Group in subsequent years was needed.

Consequently, in December 2015 the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia adopted the updated version of the Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018 with estimates up to 2020. The document took force on 1 January 2016 and was created based on current trends in corporate social responsibility. It takes into account the opinion of the TAURON Group’s environment as well as future challenges to be faced by the energy sector.

Schedule for the development of the Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018, with estimates up to 2020

  • May 2015 – dialogue with the environment on the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Report for 2014. Over 4.6 thousand clients and employees participated in the online questionnaire defining the most important issues for stakeholders.
  • May 2015 – workshop with external stakeholders (consumer and trade organisations, social partners, universities, etc.)
  • July-September 2015 – consultations with managers representing individual areas of the TAURON Group (inter alia, environmental, strategic, HR management, procurement and sales)
  • October-November 2015 – approval of the Strategy by the Executive Strategy and Steering Committee for sustainable development of TAURON Polska Energia
  • December 2015 – adopting of the updated strategy by the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia


The strategic document’s core has remained unchanged. The Strategy is still based on five strategic directions – two primary (ensuring energy supply security, customer orientation) and three secondary (ethical culture and engaging workforce, environment protection and social and business partnership).

However – in accordance with the latest trends – the strategic goals were replaced by 18 commitments which TAURON intends to fulfil by the end of 2018. For each of the commitments detailed measures and key initiatives have been formulated to support their implementation. All TAURON Group companies are committed to achieve the updated Strategy’s targets.

Strategia 2012 vs. Strategia 2015

  • Follow-up on strategic directions – the same strategy scheme
  • Replacement of goals with company commitments to the environment (18 commitments subordinated to five strategic directions)
  • Assigning implementation responsibility for each commitment to individual organisational units in the Group
  • Simplification of the document’s language (including descriptions of strategic directions)

The commitments laid down by the new Strategy will be achieved on an on-going basis. Moreover, TAURON has undertaken to present progress in implementation of strategic assumptions to stakeholders. The first review of this type will be published in mid-2017.

The TAURON Group’s sustainable development motto is still “Our energy – your security”. Security is understood to be a multi-dimensional issue, namely as the security of supply to our customers, data security, security and health of our employees or simply – energy security. We strive to ensure the coherence of all the initiatives we undertake in line with this message.