Dear Stakeholders,

It is my pleasure to convey to you the TAURON Group’s fourth Sustainability Report depicting the key non-financial events and activities that transpired in 2015. I would like to highlight that this report forms an integral part of the financial report for the first time, thereby confirming our reliance on the principles of sustainable development in our business activity. That is why we will no longer be able to report this information separately.

In 2015 we updated the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy and summed up the implementation of the previous version that expired on 31 December 2015. This Sustainability Report discusses the implementation of the targets we set in 2012 whose execution exceeds 95%. We are particularly satisfied with our robust improvement in higher grid reliability, reduced failure rate and lower environmental impact. This last aspect is very important to us. That is why we are taking measures at various levels, inter alia, through emission abatement of our generation units, improvement of energy efficiency in our processes and significantly raising the quantities of managed waste generated by Group companies.

It is also important to us that our clients appreciate our efforts as confirmed by the high customer satisfaction and loyalty ratios reported in regular customer surveys. The confidence more than 5.4 million clients place in us is our most valuable asset and we will endeavour to grow its value.

Since the TAURON Group’s strength lies in its employees we rely on staff development and commitment to foster a cohesive organisational culture. We also strive to improve occupational safety because it is so important in our coal mining and electricity and heat generation and distribution. The TAURON Group’s new business model effective as of 1 May 2016 will certainly be useful in strengthening internal organisational links in subsequent years. Our new concept of how the organisation is to function is based on new values abbreviated in Polish as PRO: Partnership, Development and Boldness. These values will serve as a benchmark in building organisational culture as well as strengthening relations with our environment.

In order to respond to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders to the greatest extent possible, we intend to continue engaging them in dialogue, as we do while preparing the Sustainability Report. This year we have received a record number of over 5 thousand opinions concerning the selection of issues for discussion. We held consultations with various groups of stakeholders with the intention to capture the most important perspectives. At the same time, we believe that this publication contains issues of significance to our environment.

The opinions expressed by our stakeholders formed the basis for the TAURON Group to update its Sustainability Strategy. The new strategy document in force from 2016 to 2018 with an outlook ranging to 2020 is our response to the market, financial and regulatory challenges the Group and the utility sector face (mainly energy and climate policy). The core of the Strategy and its main tenets have not been altered. We did, however, cease to espouse individual targets related to 18 environmental obligations. We will continue to abide by the motto of “Our energy – your safety”.

Dear Stakeholders,

I would like to encourage you to read the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Report. For your convenience we have used cutting edge interactive tools and graphics to portray our non-financial activity. The report also contains the opinion given by the independent auditor who verified the accuracy of the data and their compliance with the international Global Reporting Initiative guidelines. Accordingly, rest assured that this information is accurate. Once again, I invite you to review our sustainable development efforts in 2015 as we treat this subject with ever greater priority and as a source of particular pleasure and satisfaction.

Remigiusz Nowakowski
President of the Management Board
of TAURON Polska Energia


TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy reflects the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals up to 2030 (SDG) announced in 2015.





Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Ensuring energy supply safety

We undertake to ensure access to electricity and heat to our clients based on a diversified generation capacity portfolio, taking into account RES.

We are improving energy efficiency in the electricity and heat supply process.






Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Managing economic and social impact

We will expand partnerships with scientific institutes with the purpose of developing more sophisticated energy technologies and educating future staff.






Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Environmental protection throughout the value chain

We will actively manage the activities of the TAURON Group companies to mitigate their environmental impact, using the best environmental management standards and systems.

Developing by 2020 the potential for economic use of 90% of the waste produced by our mining and generation units.