Our business affects the environment in terms of the landscape, utilising natural resources and its overall environmental impact

This refers mainly to our power plants, combined heat and power plants and coal mines that affect the natural landscape to a greater extent than other Group companies. We are fully aware of that; therefore, we strive to optimise our processes to mitigate our adverse environmental impact to the necessary minimum.

Environmental requirements in the energy sector are particularly stringent, however, all our plants meet the standards imposed by law. Moreover, we pursue research and development projects to search for even more environmentally-friendly technological solutions going beyond the regulations and we tap into Group synergies in waste management to minimise the quantity of unused mining and production waste.

We are also mindful of the important role played by environmental education in our efforts to care for the environment. TAURON Group companies administer educational efforts targeting our clients and local communities, educating them on the use of renewable energy sources and eliminating low emissions.