The TAURON Group takes a multi-faceted approach to environmental protection issues. Under our approach, mitigating our environmental impact means not just growing the capacity installed in renewable energy sources and reducing emissions in combustion processes but also waste management, greater energy efficiency, water and material management and monitoring nature.

Our environmental protection spend in the Group companies’ annual budgets is high. In 2015 we spent PLN 1.3. What is important, we focus not only on short-term measures, as confirmed by our environmentally-friendly projects (e.g. a hybrid power plant). Under our forward-looking approach, we remember the younger generation. We educate children and teenagers, teaching them how to care effectively for the natural environment and use the available resources in an optimum way.

In connection with the significance of environmental issues in the energy sector, the updated TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy focuses on investments in environmental protection, effective waste management and environmental education. Changes in our approach to environmental protection will certainly continue as a result of the new business model launched in May 2016, which we intend to describe in our next Sustainability Report.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Environment protection throughout the value chain
Goal for 2015 Goal accomplishment progress Activities to accomplish this goal
4.1. By 2020 at least 10 percent of installed capacity will come from renewable energy sources arrow a) In 2015 net electricity generation was 16.6 TWh, with 1.59 TWh from renewable sources (9.6% of the total electricity produced).

B) Completion of the second stage of Marszewo production brought TAURON’s installed capacity in wind farms above 200 MW.

c) TAURON Ekoenergia modernised hydroelectric power plants to extend their lifetime and improve their energy efficiency.

4.2. We will reduce the air pollution level by investing in modern technologies and upgrading the existing generation units, as well as increasing productivity ptaszek

a) TAURON reduced SO2, NOx and dust emissions since 2014.

b) In 2015 generation units reduced emissions by over 1.4 million CO2 from last year.

c) All TAURON companies producing electricity and heat (TAURON Wytwarzanie, TAURON Ciepło and TAURON Ekoenergia) reduced their energy intensity compared to 2014.

4.3. We will actively manage the TAURON Group’s subsidiaries’ operations to minimize
their environmental impact, using the best standards and environmental management systems

a) TAURON Wytwarzanie power plants maintained their certification under the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)

b) Various companies have their own Environmental Protection Departments that supervise their specific environmental impact and implement measures to mitigate it; they administer internal audits to assess regulatory compliance.

c) The Group continues to pursue environmental projects such as the Grey2Green project to mitigate its environmental impact.

d) The TAURON Group’s environmental coordinator has not been appointed.

4.4. Developing, by 2020, an economic potential capable of
utilizing 90 percent of own waste by the mining and generation segments

a) TAURON Group companies (TAURON Wydobycie, TAURON Wytwarzanie and TAURON Ciepło) administered the Grey2Green project based on shared waste management to convert the maximum amount of the waste produced by the Group into disposable products.

b) In 2015 the Group recycled 94% of its mining and generation waste