We demonstrate how much we care about the natural environment by doing business based on sustainable development principles and by acting on our feeling of responsibility to educate the society and subsequent generations with an environmentally-friendly spirit.

TAURON Group companies organise information and educational activities on environmental protection, natural resource conservation and energy consumption. We offer tours of our plants that use most modern technologies to mitigate environmental impact to share knowledge. We engage clients and local communities, mainly children and teenagers, in whom it is important to inculcate and cultivate an environmentally friendly attitude.

Environmental education in local communities will continue as demonstrated by the updated version of the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy for 2016-2018.


Educational and information campaigns on environmental topics

For the last 17 years, prompted by employees of TAURON Ekoenergia, natural environment fans gather on the banks of the Pilchowicki Lagoon to clean this area in the company’s vicinity. It attracts many teenage students from the Jelenia Góra district. In 2015 a record number of two hundred people divided into fifteen teams participated. Almost 1000 20-litre bags were collected. Members of the Horizon sailing club and forest district employees in Lwówek, the Waste Management Centre in Karkonosze, MPGK in Jelenia Góra and the District Authority (Starostwo Powiatowe) in Lwówek Śląski also took part.

This campaign launched in 2011 endeavours to mobilise schools to run environmental activities, educate and engage in joint activities. The “TAURON Ekoenergia Room of Nature” targets primary schools in the vicinity of TAURON Ekoenergia. Five winning schools receive special-purpose prizes of PLN 40,000 each to prepare a classroom to teach natural science called the TAURON Ekoenergia Room of Nature. In 2015 the 5th annual campaign took place with another five rooms of nature being opened. In total, twenty-four rooms of nature already operate.

TAURON Green Island of Silesia is an environmental and arts campaign educating children and teenagers on ecology and environmentally-friendly behaviours. During the seventh annual campaign the young participants in these workshops in Silesian schools planted a total of 6,631 plant cuttings under the supervision of the Regional Directorate of State Forests (Katowice, Brynek, Żory and Rybnik), while during meetings with experts, games and competitions, they mastered an ecological approach to be applied on a daily basis, including the rules of waste segregation and energy consumption reduction. 3,500 of the youngest ardent fans of ecology took part in 2015.

One of the statutory goals of the association gathering employees of TAURON Ekoenergia is to promote the development and use of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. In 2015 this association organised 5 ecological presentations in schools in Lower Silesia. Approximately 400 persons took part in primary schools and middle schools in Jelenia Góra, Janowice Wielkie and Piechowice.

Throughout the year organised groups visit pilot installations for carbon capturing in the Łaziska and Łagisza power plants. These site tours give them the opportunity to look closely at this process and grasp how it works. Excursions are guided by employees. In 2015, 500 guests visited the pilot installation for amine carbon dioxide removal from flue gas and 200 guests visited the pressure swing pilot installation for removal of carbon dioxide. Some 35% were from abroad. In addition, in July, TAURON Wytwarzanie in cooperation with the Częstochowa University of Technology and Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, organised an international conference for scientists called “Advanced CO2 Capture Technologies for Clean Coal Energy Generation”. 100 persons from many countries across the world attended. During the conference, the CCS Summer School was also organised for 40 participants to exchange knowledge, experience and best practices in advanced technologies of carbon dioxide capturing and storage.