Suppliers are one of the most sizeable groups of TAURON’s stakeholders. Each company, especially in production, cooperates with thousands of contractors and subcontractors. Each year the Group runs thousands of tenders, so making better purchases is still one of the most important challenges in the TAURON Group.

In 2015 we intended to continue streamlining this area. In Q1 2015 the TAURON Group extended the circle of parties affected by the Procurement Rules (hereinafter referred to as Procurement Rules) by adding new companies: Biomasa Grupa TAURON, Kopalnia Wapienia Czatkowice, TAURON Dystrybucja Pomiary, TAURON Dystrybucja Serwis, TAURON Ekoserwis and TAURON Wytwarzanie Serwis. In addition, the Procurement Rules started to apply to construction work.

In 2015 each Group company’s efficiency gains were assessed using the following metrics:

  • competitiveness of proceedings,
  • competitiveness of proceedings – advisory services,
  • level of electronic auction use,
  • savings on electronic auctions.

Within the framework of centralisation and optimisation of purchases, the Support System of Procurement Organisation called TAURON Group Procurement Platform was implemented in the TAURON Group. The Procurement Platform is nothing more than a way to announce the tenders organised by 14 Group companies. The applied solutions and rules of participation in tenders are clear, transparent and consistent for all TAURON companies.

Benefits of holding a contractor account on the TAURON Platform include:

  • fast and simple access to calls for tender across the TAURON Group,
  • optimisation of bid submission process,
  • participation in electronic auctions, electronic procedures and RFX inquiries,
  • possibility to register a company in the joint Customer Base of all TAURON Group companies,
  • history of observed auctions and procedures in single venue.


When rolling out the “Competitiveness of procedures” project TAURON Polska Energia promoted its Procurement Platform at the ENERGETAB fair in Bielsko Biała and to facilitate application of its functionalities it organised a number of free training courses on the Platform in autumn 2015.


In 2015, the system for Electronic Customer Classification was implemented in the TAURON Group and Eligible Purchasing Categories were determined. Implementing these processes will reduce labour intensity in tender procedures by reducing the quantity of documents to verify bids, thereby ensuring faster selection of the best offer.

Among the many advantages of electronic processing, one may point to simpler and less formal communication with suppliers, time savings, cost savings for all participants and more effective supervision in the entire classification process in scattered organisation. The Base of Eligible Contractors will ultimately make it possible to evaluate cooperation with suppliers on an on-going basis, and through constant access to historical data, it will also make it possible to control whether cooperation with a given supplier is deteriorating or improving. Contractor participation means prestige, convenience and savings of time and money.

Last year, another 52 purchasing stations were established for consolidated categories (purchase for at least two companies) and key categories (purchases of material importance) in Group companies.


In 2015, the system for Electronic Customer Classification was implemented in the TAURON Group and Eligible Purchasing Categories were determined.

The metrics below emphasize how important this Procurement Platform is to the TAURON Group:


Number of customers 17 000
Number of purchasing categories 590
Number of local items 12 000
Value of tenders 2.7 billion
Number of procurement procedures above € 14,000 4500
Number of electronic RFX inquiries 8000
Number of registered electronic auctions 6800
Number of registered agreements and purchase orders 16 600


The key and consolidated categories are designated in each new year with special attention being paid to financial optimisation.


2013 13 13.8 million
2014 38 29.2 million
2015 52 approximately 40 million


Using electronic tools is a significant contributing factor in efficiency gains in procurement.


Auction purchases as a % of total purchases 16.82%
Auction purchases as a % of the PLN value of total purchases PLN 474 327 025.83
% savings achieved via auctions 9.32%
PLN savings achieved via auctions PLN 48 744 171.14


In connection with the application of social security contributions on mandate contracts and the minimum wage hike on 1 January 2016, cleaning and security service contracts had to be renegotiated leading to a satisfactory compromise involving indexation of the applicable rates.


Growth in electronic auction use in 2013-2015


Growth in electronic auction use in 2013-2015
Number of SWOZ users - TAURON Group (in thous.)1,491,621,69
Number of SWOZ users - Customers (in thous.)1,364,27
Competitiveness of procedures2,392,633,41
Number of RFX procedures (in thous.)0,34,25,76
Number of electronic auctions - procedures with auction (in thous.)0,234,21,95