The various components of the value chain, namely, suppliers, mining, generation, distribution and sales exert a different environmental impact. The TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy enumerates the various impacts and how to tackle them by designating the most important goals and measures to track progress.

The TAURON Group’s overriding goal in each link of the value chain is to minimise the adverse impact while maximising the positive impact.

TAURON and GOPR have been cooperating since 2009 teaching tourists how to move in the mountains safely. Every year the “Safe winter with GOPR” action is also organised in the biggest ski resorts of Poland during which tourists may closely observe a rescue action and improve their skills in skiing and snowboarding under the supervision of an instructor.

Figures of Safe winter with GOPR 2015

31 thousand – persons participated on the slopes during weekends in 2015

7 thousand – 10 thousand – 20 thousand – single entries through gates were recorded in the biggest centres in 2015 (depending on the weather).

350 – helmets with the TAURON logo were distributed to children and teenagers during the “Safe winter with GOPR” campaign in 2015.

280 – persons who took skiing classes in 2015.

20 thousand – booklets were distributed to children and teenagers in 2015.

70 – rescue simulations were performed,

42 – GOPR and TOPR rescuers involved every year (in addition, 2-3 rescuers brought scooters for shows, showed dog rescuers, distributed booklets).

4 – PZN instructors were on duty each weekend and offered skiing classes free of charge.

TAURON’s support furnished GOPR rescuers with funds to purchase vehicles (off-road vehicles, snow scooters) and specialised rescue and medical equipment.

Educational programme implemented under the patronage of the Minister of National Education and the Ombudsman for Children for experts to offer educational classes free of charge, creative competitions with prizes, interesting gadgets and road shows, promoting knowledge on the rules of safe and cost-effective electricity use. The programme also includes educational events during outdoor events, science festivals and scientific nights.

Employees of the Communication Office and 50 volunteers teaching school classes are engaged. This practice is modified and adjusted to ongoing changes in the educational system, new forms of communication and needs signalled by educational facilities. In 2015 approximately 71 thousand pupils were trained, 2200 classes were delivered in 648 schools. 12 big educational events were conducted with approximately 12-14 thous. persons in attendance.

SIEMACHA Association is one of the leading NGOs focusing on projects in education, sports and therapy, providing assistance to children and teenagers. TAURON extended its patronage to the association’s sports activity as its sports partner. The overriding goal of this partnership is to encourage children and teenagers to practise sports. In 2015 we jointly organised Children’s Football Day with TAURON (2,000 participants),

Juliada 2015 –Olympic games for children and teenagers in Kraków (over 9,000 participants, 11 disciplines), the training project – I swim with TAURON for pupils in primary and middle schools and a basketball tournament – TAURON Basket Cup. TAURON gave sports equipment to the Progres Sports Academy (footbal balls, diving boards, uniforms for competitors and coaches) and supports the Academy’s day-to-day activities in sports tournaments and training camps for players.

TTAURON Polska Energia started cooperation with the Katarzyna Rogowiec Avanti Foundation and became a partner of Polish Paralympians, supporting Karolina Hamer, Katarzyna Rogowiec, Tomasz Hamerlak and Janusz Rokicki in their sports achievements and propagating the idea of social integration, diversity and equal opportunity.

TAURON and the Foundation cooperate to support Polish athletics, the Paralympic Games, rules of fair play and integration of persons with and without disabilities. Their cooperation will be reflected by supporting Paralympic athletes training in various clubs and representing Poland on global arenas and at the forthcoming Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The organiser of the event is the MG13 Marcin Gortat Foundation. In 2015 TAURON Sprzedaż was once again one of its main partners. In 2015 Marcin Gortat ran a three-hour training class for children aged 9-13 and two-hour classes for teenagers aged 14-17 in four cities (Rumia, Nidzica, Lublin, Kraków). Other basketball players from the NBA were also invited to participate. At the end of the camps, the Grand Finale took place in the TAURON Arena Kraków with a game between the Gortat Team and the Polish Armed Forces including Polish soldiers and well-known figures in Polish sports and culture.

Last year a camp for disabled children was organised for the first time with 50 children in attendance. This training shows how substantial the need for similar projects is. In total, over 800 participants took part in the Marcin Gortat Camp. Approximately 15 thousand spectators watched the camps and 12 thousand tickets were distributed for the game between the Gortat Team and the Polish Armed Forces.