In 2015 the TAURON Group continued to follow its flagship projects in corporate social responsibility: TAURON Fuses, Houses of Positive Energy, Heroes day by day and cooperation with the SIEMACHA Association and the Mountain Voluntary Emergency Service (GOPR).


In face of the approaching Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, for the first time we offered patronage to a group of exceptional athletes preparing to compete.

We also expanded cooperation with universities by signing more general agreements with recognised academic centres in our operating area. Last year we continued to improve procurement in the TAURON Group by promoting an important tool known as the TAURON Group Procurement Platform. Group companies intensively strengthened their links with local communities. This proved to be a good move when considering the difficult events that transpired in the area where TAURON Wydobycie operates.

Under the new outlook for 2016-2018 this supporting strategic direction was defined as Social and business partnership. Nevertheless, we will continue to pursue our good neighbour policy, cooperate with academic centres, improve cooperation with our suppliers, conduct regular dialogue with the environment and report our non-financial activities.



STRATEGY DIRECTION: Managing social and economic impact on stakeholders

Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities to accomplish this goal
5.1 We will engage stakeholders in joint activities to enhance the TAURON Group’s positive social and economic impact  ptaszek

a) In 2015. the eleventh annual compaign called Houses of Positive Energy was held, TAURON Fuses and Heroes day by day campaigns were continued as was cooperation with SIEMACHA Association and the winter campaign Safe winter with GOPR.

B) The implementation of a new project – TAURON – the sports partner of Paraolympians. TAURON supported three athletes competing to attend the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

c) At a local level, in 2015 Group companies engaged communities in their events such as the Earth Day in Krzeszowice, Transformed by Light and Open Days hosted by individual plants.

5.2 We ensure transparency of pro-social activities by compiling the rules and evaluating effectiveness   ptaszek

a) In 2015 the TAURON Foundation provided financial support (including donations) of PLN 2,784,454.

b) The annual Sustainability Report details the Foundation’s efforts in the previous year. The Foundation’s website contains its governance documents.

5.3 We will cooperate with suppliers and contractors based on transparent rules, taking into account social and environmental criteria as well as human rights  ptaszek

a) In 2015, the Electronic Customer Classification system was implemented and Eligible Purchasing Categories were determined.

b) We extended the TAURON Group Procurement Platform. In 2015 the number of suppliers registered on the platform exceeded 17 thousand and the number of proceedings (with a value above EUR 14 thousand) was 4.5 thousand.

5.4 We will expand partnership relationships with academic centres aimed at advancing energy technologies and educating future personnel  ptaszek

a) In 2015 TAURON continued innovative research and development projects on carbon dioxide capturing and made pilot installations available to visitors for educational purposes.

b) Jointly with scientific partners, TAURON Wytwarzanie carried out a project on abatement of emissions of hazardous mercury into the environment.

c) In 2015 TAURON concluded three university cooperation agreements – in February with the University of Economics in Katowice, in May with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and in July with the University of Silesia.

5.5. We will regularly communicate the results of our engagement in non-financial issues to our top groups of stakeholders  ptaszek

a) In 2015 TAURON published the TAURON Group’s fourth Sustainability Report.

b) The TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy was updated.

c) Writing the 2014 Sustainability Report entailed extensive dialogue with the environment – over 4.6 thousand clients and employees filled in the online questionnaire.

c) TAURON has for the third time qualified to join the RESPECT Index grouping companies managed in a responsible way while moving up in the ranking year by year.