In 2012-2015 TAURON Group conducted an extensive investment programme to ensure energy security, mainly through diversification of its generation fleet as well as retrofitting its distribution infrastructure.

Just in 2015 the generation segment incurred capital expenditure totalling PLN 1.563 billion, and the distribution segment spent PLN 1.624 billion (including PLN 1.033 billion for modernisation and replacement of existing grids, the remaining PLN 591 million for construction of new connections).

Care for security of power supply also means improvement of daily work of the staff using modern systems as well as research and development, with special attention paid to testing modern solutions that will be commonly available to clients in the future.

These investments and projects steadily improve the quality of offered services and guarantee national energy security.

In the new TAURON Group Sustainability Strategy ensuring energy security to customers was upheld as one of the strategic priorities. However, more attention was paid to issues associated with innovation, which is consistent with the Group’s updated corporate strategy.

STRATEGY DIRECTION: Ensuring energy supply security
Goal for 2015 Goal
accomplishment progress
Activities implemented in 2015
1.1. We undertake to provide access to electricity and heat for our customers using diversified generation capacity, including RES ptaszek a) Construction of the coal-fired unit with 910 MW capacity at Elektrownia Jaworzno III. The investment project to demonstrate the stability of the National Power System (KSE) was launched in 2014. Completion of the construction is scheduled in 2019.

b) Extension of generation capacity based on wind. In 2015 the total capacity of TAURON’s wind farms exceeded 200 MW.

c) Construction of a district heating unit at Zakład Wytwarzania Tychy with a net electric capacity of 58.3 MWe and heat capacity of 86 MWt with a fluidised-bed boiler, condensing-extraction turbine and accompanying facilities and the required infrastructure

1.2. We are improving energy efficiency of the electricity and heat supply process ptaszek  

a) Modernisation of the distribution infrastructure and construction of new connections. In 2015 alone the capital expenditure of TAURON Dystrybucja for that purpose totalled PLN 1.925 billion.

b) For the first time, electricity distribution losses in 2015 fell below 5%.

c) TAURON Dystrybucja is implementing smart metering systems for clients. Under the Smart City Wrocław project, the company is installing smart meters on clients’ premises. Ultimately, 330 thousand customers will have new metering by 2017.

d) TAURON is constructing modern power dispatch centres (Gliwice, Kraków) and heating network dispatch centres (Katowice) enabling on-going monitoring of the grid and immediate response in case of failure.