Investment in
quality and future

In 2015 TAURON Dystrybucja conducted a number of investments to increase the reliability and security of grid operation and enhance client comfort by raising the quality of distributed energy. They include grid retrofitting and building and modernising transformer stations and main supply points.

Pursuant to the decision made by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, new regulations incorporating quality-related parameters took force in 2016 to enhance the quality of electricity distribution services while containing the price and supporting the existing level of investment. This means that the investment programme followed by distribution operators must be aligned to the new requirements and related challenges.


Construction of a new 110/15 kV station in Jadowniki The new station will ensure the energy supply for traction in the modernised railway line from Kraków to Tarnów and increase the contractual capacity in the Metal Packaging Plant of CanPack. It will also be an essential element for augmenting energy supply security in Brzesko and the vicinity.
New 110/15 kV main supply point in Bierkowice The station was built to supply new consumers in investment areas around the Wałbrzych Economic Zone and improve supply reliability and energy security for existing consumers.
Construction of a dispatch communication system in Bielsko The system in Bielsko is to facilitate dispatchers’ work to respond quickly to any grid failures and damages. Similar solutions were applied in the Gliwice branch.
Construction of a 110/20/10 kV transformer station in Jelenia Góra This investment entails building a transformer station to modernise the more than 100 year old hydroelectric power plant Pilchowice I.
Commissioning of a 110/20 kV main supply point in Kasztanowa The new electrical substation is connected by underground cables with a voltage of 110/20 kV, remotely controlled and equipped with modern safeguards. The substation’s external lighting uses LED technology to conserve energy. Its main task is to supply the Gliwice sub-zone of the Katowice Special Economic Zone.
Modernisation of a 110/20 kV main supply point in Żórawina The Żórawina main supply point is one of the largest facilities in Poland using spatial prefabricated elements. It is equipped with modern connection and protection equipment.
Modernisation of the 110/30/15 kV Biadoliny switchboard This station built over a half of a century ago was replaced by a modern, 7-pole, double section 110 kV switchboard. The reconstruction of the facility in Biadoliny was necessary to meet the railway line’s greater needs.
Modernisation of Brzegowa station Reconstruction was necessary for grid development for Głogów and to introduce two more overhead lines. This task consisted in total demolition of the old station, including the control building and switchboard, followed by construction from scratch.
Construction of a Grid Management Centre in Wrocław The new Grid Management Centre will cover the former Wrocław Region and Lower Silesia with high voltage. Equipping employees with modern technical devices will enable fast identification of the causes and location of outages.
Encasing radio controlled connectors in medium voltage grids The Tarnów branch completed the next stage of encasing radio controlled connectors. In total, 23 connectors were installed – the biggest number in Dębica, Bochnia and Dąbrowa Tarnowska. They significantly improve grid performance security and their application contributes to selective and fast tracing of outages to curtail emergency outage time.
Construction of a 110/15 kV electrical substation and a 110 kV overhead line in Skarbimierz In August 2015 preparatory works and earthworks for construction were commenced. Investment completion is slated for December 2016. It is linked to developing a 15 kV grid in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone.
Modernisation of the 110/15 kV Borki station This investment follows the construction of a coal-fired unit at the Opole power plant and the need to increase capacity and maintain continuity of electricity supply in the adjacent area. The facility will be equipped with the most modern connection and protection equipment.
Extension and modernisation of the 110kV indoor station in Świebodzice The existing overhead switchboard will be replaced by this modern station with equipment located inside the building. This will enable safer work and the use of modern technology will allow the station to operate properly regardless of weather.
Modernisation of the 220/110 kV Wanda station TAURON Dystrybucja’s objective in one of its largest investments was to connect the Thermal Waste Processing Plant and supply the traction substation of PKP Podłęże. At present, the second stage of modernisation is in progress to improve supply reliability for individual and industrial clients in the Nowa Huta district and connect more clients in upcoming months.
Construction of a new 110 kV line to the station in Białka Tatrzańska This investment started in connection with client requests of from Białka Tatrzańska to ramp up connection capacity and lay new connections. 15 poles and cables were replaced and the second 3km track was suspended. To protect scenic landscape views, the line is designed and built to be as inavasive as possible.



The new high voltage grid dispatch centre was opened in February 2015. This facility is equipped with the latest IT devices supporting dispatchers’ work to foster completely independent communication with field teams and engage in effective communication when there are threats to grid performance. SCADA is one of the applied systems enabling dispatchers to check how all electrical substations are operating at any moment and control them remotely.

Dispatchers are able to avoid line overloading and, when required, to amend grid configuration with the purpose of safely conducting distribution system maintenance. To act effectively even when the greatest power grid threat is at hand, the dispatch centre is equipped with completely independent communication. The new building of the dispatch centre in Gliwice was designed in accordance with the rules of sustainable development using renewable energy source installations for supply (solar panels and wind farms)


Research and development

Innovation is needed to build a longer term competitive advantage in the energy sector. The TAURON Group is highly involved in research and development to transform the Group and cultivate its future image. Its focus on innovation will continue in the upcoming years as it does even more to roll out modern technologies, products and services across the entire value chain.

TAURON has adopted its research and development policy in the form of a strategic document designating its areas of activities and setting ambitious goals. This policy engrains a bottom-up approach to innovation relying on employee involvement to create tools to take advantage of employee ideas.


nowetrendyIn 2015 TAURON ran a business and sales project called TAURON New Trends to implement the Group’s key sales initiatives. This project includes a competition for TAURON Group employees to submit  ideas for new and innovative products and services for TAURON’s clients.

On 16 June we organised an Innovation Fair and presented the ten top ideas selected by the jury. The TAURON Bus Idea won, followed by the Perpetuum Mobile initiative and Energy for Mobility. Winners received attractive prizes. This competition was extremely popular with more than 200 ideas submitted.


Another important measure TAURON has supported from its outset is the Power Sector Research Programme to co-finance R&D projects in the power sector. In anticipation of the first competition run by the National Research and Development Centre, the TAURON Group has prepared tens of projects with the intention of submitting its very best applications to the programme.

As its value chain is fully integrated, it has combed each sub-segment to find innovative solutions. Whenever possible the Group taps into the synergy offered by individual companies (e.g. The Grey2Green project engaging TAURON Wydobycie, TAURON Wytwarzanie and TAURON Ciepło).

While developing innovative concepts, Group companies closely cooperate with academic centres, research entities and industrial partners. Accordingly, we are certain that the jointly developed solutions respond to market needs and have a real chance of success.

Key areas of innovation:

  • Generation – providing energy security to clients in light of the growing share of RES in the energy portfolio combined with the current, i.e. insufficient development of large-scale electricity storage technology. The key R&D areas include:

    – increasing the flexibility of unit performance, reduction of start-up time,

    – high-efficiency coal-fired and CCGT units,

    – support to distributed energy generation by offering new prosumer products (solar panels, heat pumps and co-generation systems).

  • Distribution – converting clients into prosumers (consumer + producer) requires an automated and reliable distribution grid that in addition to physical infrastructure needs many IT tools to operate efficiently, including, in particular, smart grids and metering as well as tools to forecast demand / production and grid automated systems. In this area TAURON is running, for example, a project called AMI Plus Smart City Wrocław.


  • Energy storage – delivering technology to maintain the stability and continuity of power system performance as the share of RES rises. This is particularly important from the point of view of distribution grids. Currently, TAURON is running two projects to gain the necessary experience: energy storage at the Lipniki wind farm and e-BUS project in which electric buses act as non-standard energy storages.


  • Sales – focusing on client expectations TAURON treats this area as very important for innovation and that is why it is running a number of projects such as Smart Home, prosumer energy sector, demand-side management (DSM/DSR) and supply-side management (VPP), e-mobility. These products will help clients become more active market participants.

In February 2015 TAURON Sprzedaż started the next stage of the Smart Home project. The Company concluded a pilot agreement with its project partner KIC InnoEnergy (a Knowledge and Innovation Community established by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology) to give TAURON’s retail clients free of charge devices to test Smart Home services. The first product tested was the smart plug designed and produced by KIC InnoEnergy. It remotely controls the receiver and monitors energy consumption. A mobile application (tablet or smartphone) or a web service can be used to manage the plug. This is a long-term project. Clients will test devices for approximately two years to conduct a multifaceted assessment.

Under the pilot project the partners will jointly design and produce 5 thousand Smart Home devices, i.e. smart plugs, on-line cameras, smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detectors and other equipment for testing. SMART HOME services will be offered to approximately 1,000 clients in the pilot phase. TAURON and KIC InnoEnergy’s joint pilot programme was preceded by surveys to track preferences and opinions concerning the equipment to manage energy security and efficiency at home. Respondents were asked to select the 2 or 3 most functional devices from among several devices (smart plug, traffic detector, on-line camera, gas, smoke, carbon monoxide and flooding detector). The smart plug was the main device used by respondents, so it was the first one in the pilot programme. If the pilot project is successful, these Smart Home solutions will be marketed by TAURON.


The table below presents the Group companies’ investment projects run in 2015 to ensure the reliability of energy supply and promote sustainable development. The TAURON Group’s total spend was PLN 580,489,565.75. TAURON ran a particularly high number of investment projects in the renewable energy source space: modernising hydroelectric power plants, extending the wind farm in Marszewo and building a hybrid power plant.

TABLE EU-DMA (former EU8)

INVESTMENT CATEGORY COMPANY Type of investment – name of investment (divided into the categories in the table) Description Costs (incurred in connection with the investment) in PLN TOTAL COSTS IN CATEGORY


Savings in utilities Optimisation of water consumption for hydro-transport of slag at Elektrownia Jaworzno III 57 700.00 353 363 604.00
Savings in utilities Increase in use of water from own sources 193 000.00
Kopalnia Wapienia Czatkowice Modernising the coal mine’s heating system Liquidation of the Company’s ineffective district heating system by replacing it with distributed gas-fired boiler rooms 1 600 000


Construction of BC50 unit at ZW Tychy Construction of a fluidised bed boiler, extraction-condensing steam turbine and electric generator with 65 MW capacity, including auxiliary services 351 512 764.00


EW PILCHOWICE I – MODERNISATION OF THE POWER PLANT Comprehensive modernisation of the power plant comprising: replacement of TZ-1,2,3,4 and TZ-6 turbines; modernisation of TZ-5 turbine, replacement of valves before turbines and water supply elements, replacement of electrical equipment, installation of lifting devices. This task is to grow installed capacity, augment equipment efficiency, grow production, enhance occupational safety. Installed capacity grew by 5.775 MW, the facility’s capacity is 13.326 MW 9 118 360.24 128 764 771.75
EW BOBROWICE I – MODERNISATION OF THE POWER PLANT Comprehensive modernisation comprising: replacement of TZ-1 and TZ-2 turbines and thorough modernisation of TZ-3 turbine, replacement of electrical equipment, construction of an electrical repelling barrier for fish, modernisation of hydrotechnical structures. Installed capacity rose by 1.626 MW to 4.048 MW 9 352 064
EW GŁĘBINÓW-MODERNISATION OF THE HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT Comprehensive modernisation comprising: modernisation of turbines, construction of the new switchboard building, replacement of electrical and technological equipment, installation of power plant performance control and automation. 4 718 000.00
EW WROCŁAW I – MODERNISATION OF THE POWER PLANT (REPLACEMENT OF TZ-3, TZ-4) Comprehensive modernisation comprising: replacement of two of four installed turbines with new turbines with a higher capacity, replacement of some electrical equipment, automation of production processes. Installed capacity rose 0.150 MW, resulting in a total capacity of 4.980 MW 6 938 950.00
EW WAŁY ŚLĄSKIE – MODERNISATION OF THE POWER PLANT Comprehensive modernisation comprising: modernisation of two of four installed turbines (TZ-2 and TZ-3), improvement of automation, control and adjustment systems, modernisation of some electrical and technological equipment. 4 653 500.00
FW MARSZEWO – STAGE II OF 18MW CAPACITY Construction of a wind farm – stage II of investment implementation – delivery, assembly and commissioning of 9 wind turbines with a capacity of 2 MW each. Installation of systems enabling remote control, automation and visualisation of the facility performance. Installed capacity of Marszewo Wind Farm up 18 W, consequently, the farm reached a capacity of 100 MW. 93 983 897.35
MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATIVE HYBRID POWER PLANT, BASED ON COMBINED PERFORMANCE OF THE HYDROELECTRIC POWER PLANT AND PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATION WITH AN ELEMENT OF ENERGY STORAGE Development and implementation of a hybrid RES installation consisting of a solar panel installation, hydroelectric power plant and energy storage to improve efficiency and stability of the integrated system as well as optimisation of produced electricity sales. Construction of the solar panel installation with a capacity of approximately 100 kW, located at the existing Opolnica Hydroelectric Power Plant, the construction of a system for for storage of produced energy, the construction of a system for controlling energy sources in terms of maximum use of RES sources, analysis of the impact of the hybrid system on the power grid in terms of its stability, electricity quality and a possibility of feeder work, and  adjustment of the current technological system of Opolnica Hydroelectric Power Plant to performance conditions in the newly created hybrid system. Multi-stage task commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2015 with the order to develop a concept. Design works and execution as well as research works were scheduled for 2016-2018. 0.00*
ENERGY DISTRIBUTION TAURON Dystrybucja IT systems supporting energy distribution management Grid asset management systems, grid maintenance (e.g. ZMS, operating log, SCADA LV) 29 318 100 30 468 300.00
Dynamic management of HV distribution lines load Increasing distribution capacity of existing distribution infrastructure 689 200
Energy quality Monitoring of electricity quality 461 000
TRANSMISSION AND DISTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGIES (e.g. micro grids, smart grids) TAURON Dystrybucja Imaging of overhead lines Performing of the image of HV and MV lines and digitalised spatial model, ortophotomap and analysis of the acquired data based on helicopter aerial inspections in 2015 for TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. 5 835 000 5 835 000.00
Model areas Pilot tests of new technologies in the scope of smart grid automation, limiting time of outages 3 554 120
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (storage, recovery, etc.) TAURON


Exchange of CO2 into SNG Execution of the international project concerning CO2 transformation to synthetic natural gas 193 830.00 552 030.00
Polygeneration Assessment of the possibility of producing electricity, heat and methanol from coal gasification, in compliance with environmental protection requirements. Implementation with national partners – KGHM, Grupa Azoty, TPE. 122 100.00
Transformation of waste into a product Generation of geopolymer mass as a basis for production of materials which may be produced for the needs of TAURON Polska Energia companies and for market needs, from fly ash of TAURON Wytwarzanie S.A. units – UNDER IMPLEMENTATION 123 100.00
Studies on mercury emission Demonstration installation for the monitoring and reduction of mercury emission from coal combustion in pulverised fuel boilers 113 000.00
INNOVATIVE SERVICES (e.g. remote meters) TAURON Dystrybucja Smart City Wrocław Implementation of a smart metering project in Wrocław and its vicinity 61 506 000 61 506 000.00
* The first expenditure (conceptual development) of PLN 48 thousand was incurred as late as March 2016.