TAURON, as the second biggest electricity producer and the biggest distributor in Poland plays a key role in ensuring national energy security. Due to this fact, ensuring continuous and reliable energy supplies is one of the leading directions, not only in terms of business operations but also the TAURON Group’s Sustainability Strategy.

The ensuing responsibility is associated with the management and optimisation of many processes in the entire value chain.

Execution of daily tasks in individual areas – mining, generation and distribution of electricity and heat – ensuring the stability of energy supplies, is inherently associated with facing numerous challenges.

Due to the specific character of these operations, they may be incidental and short-term (e.g. weather anomalies – strong frost, storms, abundant snowfall) or long-term – e.g. arising from adjustment of generation units to more stringent emission standards defined in EU regulations. The basis for an effective response in cases threatening the reliability of energy supplies is to monitor the external environment (national and EU legislation, market factors, weather conditions), supported by the knowledge and experience of the employees of individual Group companies.