Group highlights

The TAURON Group is one of the biggest companies in Poland and one of the largest energy holdings in Central and Eastern Europe. It is headed up by its parent - TAURON Polska Energia with its registered office in Katowice.

Energy availability

In the long-term, the investment programme will play a key role in ensuring continuity of supply in Poland, both in the construction of new generation capacity and distribution grids as well in the scope of retrofitting and renovation of the managed infrastructure.

Energy and emissions

The TAURON Group generates energy using diverse generation capacity; however, the majority of energy is produced by conventional units – 4 power plants and 3 combined heat and power plants in TAURON Wytwarzanie and TAURON Ciepło. In 2015 the available installed capacity of all units (conventional and renewable) belonging to the TAURON Group exceeded 6.4 GW, i.e. it was comparable to the previous year (6.5 GW).